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Are you interested in saving years off your life and tens of thousands of dollars trying to learn how to design for your CNC machine? My name is Jon (yes, that's me on the video above this message) and what I have written on the right is a culmination of five years of intensive trial and error which allowed me to design over 250 CNC table router, 3D printer and laser cutting projects!

Let me start-off by saying that ANYBODY can design amazing projects for CNC machines!

I do not have an engineering degree (B. Sc. In Biology degree), I'm not an artist (I can't draw) nor did I have direct access to any of the machines I was designing for! Oh yeah, I also hate anything that requires measurements so I made designs that didn't even require any math skills!

Despite a complete lack of knowledge about proper design and machinery to cut them, I made some basic assumptions and used my passion to overcome all these massive liabilities. Now, I want to help you do the same and let me be the first to say, I know for a fact that you have far more skills RIGHT NOW than I did when I first got started. At the very least, you know what a CNC machine is... I didn't even know they existed!

I've had my designs featured at trade shows and fairs around the world. I've been written about in magazines, newspapers and even manufacturer's own newsletters! I built to become the go-to source for CNC operators and enthusiasts globally as a great source of inspiration and digital project files.

Elementary, high schools and even universities like Georgia Tech have used the resources I've built to teach their students how to make things with their CNC machine... I even got noticed by the real driver of the Mars Rover! I'm now the guy that tells engineering and architectural graduates that their designs will not work for the machines they are designing them for. I know my stuff and want you to learn from all my mistakes and then some!

I approached other designers who are well known in their field, whether that was 3d printing, laser or routing... and got them to share some insights on their design processes. I also got some amazing interviews with industry movers and shakers to give you a bigger picture about the CNC industry as a hole and where it's going in the future.

I want to give you the knowledge and the tools required to succeed in the CNC design world – that is the entire purpose of this book. Click the cover on the right to get more information about its contents.

Some Testimonials

Medieval Castle Walls B

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Hi Jon, well the castle was a big hit at my nephew’s birthday party. He abandoned all of his gifts (including a lego castle and Wii/DS games) for the wooden castle. The other children all gathered round to watch and help build it.

- Matthew

Want a wooden Mars rover? Some assembly required, though.

-Scott Maxwell
REAL Mars Rover Driver Team Leader

Straddle Carrier B

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I have finished making the straddle carrier – it was great fun and went very well. As your website says it assembles pretty easily and the finished product is amazing considering it comes out of one piece of plywood. I am very impressed with the concept. I will show it to a few people and see if I can come up with some more orders for you. Best wishes

-R. Wallace

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