Pyramid Calendar

Developed by, this is a unique calendar system that always knows the right date!

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Pyramid Calendar (Digital DXF, EPS, AI Files for Laser Cutter - 4-6mm)
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CNC Design Anthology



Developed by, this is a unique calendar system that always knows the right date! Using two sets of wheels to represent the day and month and a block underneath for the day of the week, you will never loose track of the date again! All that is needed for assembly is some carpenters glue and a few hours to allow everything to dry together.

> Blueprint and assembly instructions are found within the CNC Design Anthology. Click here for more information. (will open in new window)

Laser-Cut Kits

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Kit (4mm)
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Kit (6mm)
L: 22cm, W: 5cm, H: 27cm. Material thickness is 6mm.

Digital Files for Laser Cutter

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Pyramid Calendar: 3D Assembly Animation (1080HD)

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